Unique Gift Ideas for Those Who Think Outside the Box

For some of us, gift-giving is an all-year thing. Month after month, we’re handing out presents for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or just because we feel like it. But occasionally we need a gift that’ll really stand out. Maybe you have someone in your life that’s impossible to shop for, or maybe you want something memorable and a touch out of the ordinary. The truth is, it can be tough to find unique gift ideas that won’t get stale.

Since we’re in the business of creating memorable experiences, we devised this simple gift guide for you. Hopefully, you can find that unique gift idea you’ve been hunting for! 

Party Game, Board Game, or Card Game

Board games get a bad rap. Too many people have bad memories of neverending Monopoly games they didn’t even want to play in the first place. But we think even the most traumatized person can learn to love party games again, all they need is a push in the right direction. 

We made a small gift guide of games that are quick to learn and play. One or two simple games can make for an entertaining gift and, if you’re lucky, they can even help assuage former board game traumas.

  • Funemployed – Played with three or more players and scales well with bigger groups. The game is simple: one player is the interviewer, and the other are the applicants. The applicants have fake qualification cards that they use to convince the interviewer to give them the job. There is no strategy involved, just a lot of participation, improvisation, and laughter.
  • 5 Second Rule– This game is perfect for any size group, be it two people or 20. The game includes a stack of cards, a timer, and a buzzer. One person reads the category card, and another must name three answers before the timer runs out. It sounds easy, but five seconds goes by quickly, and you’d be surprised how hard it is to name three cereals with all that pressure.
  • Spot It! – It is the ultimate in quick and simple fun card games. It lasts 15 minutes, can play 2-8 players, and is good for ages 7 and up. There are several ways to play;  the easiest involves turning over two cards and players search for the one picture or symbol that the cards have in common. That’s it. It’s simple, it’s frantic, and it’s addicting. It comes in a travel-friendly tin case, too, making it great to bring along as a fun ice-breaker.

An Activity

Gifting something to do is a great unique gift idea. Be it a voucher for a ceramics class, guided tour, pub crawl, or a paint and sip, chances are there’s a myriad of activities you can find near you. Even better, buy two! If they have a significant other, you just gifted them a fun date night. If they don’t have one, you two can go together. Now you’ve given them a fun activity and the gift of spending time together. This is a great way to share in a common interest or experience something brand new. Either way, you’re making memories that will last for years to come.

Uber/Lyft Gift Card

Show them you care about their night out and their well-being with this simple but unique gift idea. Gift cards are often thought of as back-up gifts, but this one will stand out. Who couldn’t use a couple of free rides? You’re gifting them the freedom to have a night out without having to worry about how they’re getting home at the end of it. You can even offer to split the ride-sharing bill with them and help stretch that card even further. It’s a gift card that offers more destinations than the logo printed on the front.

Plus it’s always handy to have a free ride in your back pocket in case of emergencies! 

HP Sprocket: Portable Pocket Printer

Everyone takes pictures. It’s a natural consequence of having a digital camera in your pocket at all times. But how many people have a photo printer in their pocket? The HP Sprocket lets you instantly print out your favorite pictures directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Sprocket lets you share physical copies with everyone, or you can peel off the back and stick them into photo albums or notebooks. 

Not only is it the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves taking pics, but it also appeals to those that miss having tangible mementos of their adventures.

BaxsOf Subscription

If you’re still unsure of the suggestions above, a BaxsOf subscription makes for an incredible, unique gift idea. With a BaxsOf membership, the gift recipient will be able to create a customized profile that allows us to curate the best boxes for them. If you give BaxsOf as a gift, the customization is left in the receiver’s hands, ensuring they’ll only be receiving what they really want. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!  Some of our partners include TheraBox, mintMONGOOSE, and even Dapper Dog. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, surprising your loved one with a unique gift box month after month.

Or better yet join BaxsOf today and start stocking up on unique luxury gift boxes that you can hand out to friends and family throughout the year. They say it’s the thought that counts, but it doesn’t hurt to have BaxsOf covering you when you need a unique gift idea in a pinch.

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