Ten Subscription Boxes We Love Right Now

It’s officially the Golden Age of the subscription box. No matter what your problem, interest, or obsession is, there’s probably a subscription box for it. The only question is, how do you cut through all the noise and find the best subscription boxes for your lifestyle? Luckily BaxsOf is here to do the hard work for you. It’s literally our job (and our passion!) to narrow down the highest quality, most exciting monthly subscription boxes out there and make sure they get to your doorstep.

So, to get you started, we’ve put together a list of our favorites with the hopes of including something for just about everybody! Scroll down for the ten best subscription boxes available right now.

Healthy Me Living

Healthy Me Living is so much more than a subscription box – it’s a lifestyle. It all started with one mom’s dream to offer healthy snacks at her kids’ school and has grown into a vending machine business, health coaching service, and of course subscription service sending snack boxes full of healthy, delicious foods straight to your door.

Healthy Me Living strives to provide food that contains no artificial ingredients, no high fructose, and no trans-fat, and is non-GMO and natural or organic. All that, plus nutritional benefits and a delicious taste! Your Healthy Snack Box might contain anything from chia bars to dried fruit to healthy chocolate chip cookies.

Whether your poison is sweet or salty, Healthy Me Living has something (healthy) for everyone – and the choices are never boring. We love their commitment to healthy snacks-on-the-go.


If you love expressing yourself with trendy, one-of-a-kind jewelry but hate the hassle of the in-store shopping experience, this is the subscription box for you. mintMONGOOSE specializes in adorable, affordable jewelry you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re committed to personalizing your experience. Don’t have pierced ears? No problem – mintMONGOOSE has something for every unique style. There’s no easier way to be runway-ready on a monthly basis without even leaving your house.


Therapist-curated and inspired by the concept of neuroplasticity – the idea that you can rewire your brain for happiness through practice – TheraBox is literally self-care in a box. In this chaotic world, we couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

In each box, you don’t just get a top-notch selection of stress-reducing products (bath bombs, anyone?) – you also get research-backed “happiness exercises” like brain-training or mindfulness activities. TheraBox helps subscribers practice self-care on a regular basis to create neural pathways to a more positive life. It’s hard to argue with opening your door to a literal box of happiness once a month!

Gainz Box

If you’re on the Functional Fitness train, it’s time you checked out the Gainz Box. Offering, well, “epic gainz in a box,” Gainz provides both men and women with workout gear, clothing, and equipment from top fitness brands – all you have to do is pick up the box from your doorstep on your way to the gym. Beyond fitness goodies like gear, weights, and supplement samples, you’ll often find a surprise – like a free gym membership or promotion – to fit fun themes ranging from squats to puppies.

Gentleman’s Box

Ever wished you could snap your fingers and unleash your inner GQ model? Subscribing to the Gentleman’s Box is probably as close as you can get to that fantasy. Each curated box is inspired by one successful, high-profile man, with the contents specially picked to honor that man’s legacy.

Inside each box is a finely curated selection of gentlemanly accessories and grooming samples, including ties, socks, and goodies like sunglasses or tie clips. The best part? A 1-year subscription to GQ magazine so you can study up and seriously get your swank on.


MuscleBox started with one goal: to go beyond the “basic sampler box” of the fitness world. It’s now grown into a premier subscription box scouring the Functional Fitness world for the best products, so you don’t have to. What does less time researching the best workout apparel, gear, and supplement brands mean? More time at the gym, of course.

MuscleBox and its women’s line, Miss MuscleBox, strive to provide not just products, but inspiration and motivation to perform at your best within your fitness lifestyle.


We can’t talk about the best subscription boxes for fitness lifestyles without talking about BarBella. Each month, this women’s fitness subscription service selects 6-8 items of high-quality gear, apparel, snacks, supplements, workout tips and more specifically curated for women in the Functional Fitness movement.

Women are busy, and BarBella takes the load off by doing the hard work of selecting the best products so you can sample the cream of the crop without having to lift a finger. (Though you can if you want to, for that extra workout!)

Lucky Box

In case you haven’t heard, CBD is currently all the rage. Studies have shown it to be helpful in easing pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and more, and CBD enthusiasts are singing its praises too. If you want to join the CBD bandwagon but avoid the effort, option fatigue, and relentless upselling of the dispensary shopping experience, the Lucky Box might be the subscription box for you. After all, they were voted the #1 subscription box by Leafly Media.

Genius Box

Do you have a little genius in your life? Check out the Genius Box STAT. This subscription service offers creative, hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities to help kids in the digital age explore the world around them firsthand. From geometric sandboxes to experiments straight out of a mad scientist’s lab, each box contains activities in a range of difficulty levels and duration times, virtually all designed to be re-used for deeper exploration. We love the Genius Box because it’s the perfect combination of educational value plus just plain fun.

Dapper Dog

Who doesn’t love to spoil their dog? With the Dapper Dog box, you get to share in the experience of being surprised with brand new toys and treats for the good boy or girl in your life. Each Dapper Dog box contains two toys, two treat bags, and an adorable themed bandana so you can give your dog a little mini-makeover. Our favorite thing about this subscription box is that part of every purchase goes towards helping a shelter dog find a permanent home. The feels!

Have It All with BaxsOfWith all these options for goodies delivered straight to your door, it can be overwhelming to keep them all straight, let alone get a taste of each one. We get it. That’s why the BaxsOf experience is designed to fit your unique preferences and needs, bringing you a specially curated selection of the best subscription boxes available, all through one easy platform. Surprise yourself with a different subscription box every month when you join BaxsOf today.

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