Six Monthly Subscription Boxes that Make Healthy Living Easy

Staying healthy is pretty difficult! If it wasn’t, we’d all be stress-free and in perfect shape. There are some ways to make it easier, though. What if you had someone sending you the tips, supplies, and motivation you need to maintain healthy lifestyle choices? 

Healthy subscription boxes can be that difference-maker in your life. Whether it’s a healthy snack subscription or a workout gear based box, a monthly delivery of usable and dependable products can help push you through the door of healthy living.

We compiled a list of healthy subscription boxes that’ll make healthy living more accessible and fun! 


MuscleBox was born when the founders couldn’t find a healthy subscription box beyond the usual “boring supplement samplers.” This idea grew into a premier healthy lifestyle subscription box that sources the functional fitness world for the best snacks, supplements, equipment, and guides.

Each month MuscleBox and its women’s line, Miss MuscleBox, sends a package of goods geared to motivate and guide people towards a fitness lifestyle.

Gainz Box

The Gainz Box aims to introduce its members to the best brands in fitness. Every month they send apparel, snacks, supplements, and essentially “epic gainz in a box” right to your doorstep. 

The boxes range from themed sets like a Squat Edition with a pair of shorts, resistance bands, and a manual (among other goodies), to rest + recovery themed boxes that help you learn the importance of recovery days. Even better, they offer a Pointz system for reviewing your box contents that can net you free stuff!


BarBella Box was created out of necessity. They saw the growing Functional Fitness movement as something that aligns perfectly with the needs of women. However, they worried that with new companies and products popping up daily, women wouldn’t have any luck finding the brands and items they like or need. BarBella is the perfect way to try new products, snacks, and brands as the perfect complement to your lifestyle. 

Unlike other general healthy subscription boxes, Barbella stays focus on the needs of women and curates 6-8 items of high-quality gear, apparel, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more. They do the heavy lifting here, so you can do the heavy lifting where it matters most: the gym and daily life!

HerFit Club

HerFit Club aims to be that little bit of motivation to keep you going. While other healthy subscription boxes focus on things like healthy snacks and equipment. Her Fit Club is a healthy lifestyle subscription box that provides a hand-selected fitness outfit to your door every month.

After a quick survey, they go the extra mile to customize style choices for you and round it out with details for the gym and beyond based on your membership level. Upper levels offer things like home workout items, beauty products, and even a pair of name brand athletic shoes. 

They even offer a “Buy-1-Box option” that will charge for 1 Fitbox without enrollment. It’s a perfect way to sample this healthy lifestyle subscription box.

Healthy Me Living

Healthy Me Living started as one mother’s desire to provide healthy snacks to her kids. As a Certified Health Coach, she often found herself out of accessible healthy snack options unless she had brought her own. So she took matters into her own hands and purchased a healthy snack vending machine for her daughter’s school. Her passion for providing healthy snacks grew into a vending machine business and one of the best healthy subscription boxes. She is now sending snack boxes full of healthy, delicious foods straight to people’s doorsteps.

Healthy Me Living proudly picks the best natural or organic foods with no artificial ingredients, zero high fructose, and no trans-fat. All that, plus the peace of mind of non-GMO sources! Healthy Me Living is committed to healthy snacks-on-the-go, so you don’t have to compromise your healthy lifestyle. 


Healthy living isn’t all dumbells and treadmills. TheraBox aims to bring healthier and happier living with each curated box sent out. Founded by a practicing therapist and her understanding of the brain and your ability to change it. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to continually reorganize itself every single day by forming new neural connections throughout one’s life. Inspired by this, TheraBox aims to help rewire your brain for happiness through practice.

Each healthy lifestyle subscription box includes one self-care therapeutic activity and 6-8 full-sized wellness products, like bath bombs and aromatherapy vials, to improve your life and boost joy. The belief is that happiness is a practice; the included exercises and activities are meant to help subscribers practice self-care on a regular basis to create the neural pathways as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

(Bonus Pick) BaxsOf

Give yourself a taste of all these amazing healthy subscription boxes with BaxsOf. A subscription with BaxsOf empowers you to indulge in the greatest boxes available for one affordable price. Think of it as the ultimate healthy lifestyle subscription box, because each month you’re sent a surprise box from the best healthy subscription boxes designed to fit your unique preferences and needs. 

So one month you can get a new outfit from HerFit Club, and the next you can unbox a TheraBox full of self-care supplies. Join BaxsOf today and give yourself the healthy lifestyle boost you need!

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