Five Reasons Your Dog Needs a Subscription Box

In case you haven’t heard, we’re obsessed with subscription boxes here at BaxsOf. A surprise subscription box that’s shipped straight to your door once a month? In today’s busy world of long work hours and never-ending to-do lists, nothing could be more useful. You know the beauty boxes that keep you looking fresh, the fitness boxes that keep you motivated, the healthy snack boxes that keep the doctor away – but have you thought of letting your dog in on the subscription box action?

Yep, monthly dog boxes are a thing, and your dog definitely needs one. Since you probably don’t speak barks and tail wags, allow us to explain why.

1. Your dog always needs new toys.

Seriously! Toys aren’t just an added perk for a dog – they’re a necessary source of mental stimulation, allowing them to play and chew safely. Toys keep your dog healthy and happy, not to mention giving them a reason NOT to chew your pillows, shoes, or furniture.

And there are some dogs that just burn through toys like they’re going out of style. If your pup is one of those dogs, you know what we’re talking about. You bring home that adorable new squeaky duck, your dog goes nuts over it, everyone laughs, and two days later the duck is missing an eye or two, and there’s stuffing in every corner of the house.

With a monthly dog box like BarkBox, you get a new toy to add to your pup’s collection every month. Your dog gets to let off steam, and you don’t have to worry about what happened to the latest chew toy since there will be a new one on your doorstep before you know it.

2. One word: Treats!

Okay, so your dog can’t live off treats. You love your pups and probably do your best to keep them fit and healthy with walks and good diets. But everyone needs a treat sometimes, and your dog is no different! When used wisely, tasty dog treats can go a long way in helping you train, build trust with, and maintain a healthy relationship with your dog.

With a monthly subscription box for your dog, you get to surprise your furry friend with a new delicious treat every month. Your pup may just find their next favorite!

3. It’s one less shopping trip.

These days, adding even one more errand to your to-do list can feel like the end of the world. That’s where subscription boxes are a lifesaver. No need to stop by Petco on the way back from the supermarket. The best pet subscription boxes include a mix of toys, treats, and dog gear, like the stylish themed bandanas that come in The Dapper Dog Box – everything a happy dog needs.

4. Your dog deserves it.

Your dog knows it. You know it. They are the absolute best boy/girl, and there’s no better way to show your love and appreciation than with a monthly gift box just for them.

5. You get to share in the surprise, too!

Think about the sheer joy and excitement your dog feels when you come through the door with a surprise dog bone, new blanket, or squishy toy just for them. The jittery tail wagging, maybe some barking. Now you get to share in the surprise, too. (Although probably with less barking…)

With a monthly dog box, you’ll be surprised with new toys, treats, and goodies right alongside your best furry friend.

Want great monthly dog boxes like Dapper Dog and BarkBox to come straight to your door every month? With BaxsOf, you can get that and so much more. We partner with the best brands, and using your unique preferences, send you surprise subscription boxes on a monthly basis, including monthly dog boxes if that’s what you’re into! Whether you want goodies for your pets, your family, or yourself, BaxsOf has something for everyone. Learn how it works today.

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