New Box. Every Month. One Price.

BaxsOf is the subscription box service that empowers you to indulge in the greatest boxes available for one affordable price.

It is our mission to change the way you do that subscription box thing you do. We use the newest technology and our amazing partnerships to create a unique and affordable experience that is customized to your lifestyle and interests. We offer the best, continuously, and we keep it fresh!

CEO and Co-Founder Rachel created BaxsOf out of the idea that she wanted to try so many boxes, but simply couldn’t afford it. Sound relatable? The fact that she had so many different areas of interest made it hard to commit to just one or two boxes. She teamed up with Carlos and they set out together to shake up the industry and give people an experience worth raving about.

COO and Co-Founder Carlos started BaxsOf because like Rachel he enjoyed different boxes and had so many interests. With BaxsOf he wanted to solve the problem so many encounter and that is subscription fatigue. BaxsOf is changing the way we subscription box and giving their members a new box each month based on their interest.

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